Where are you from?
I was born in Canada, but I have a very mixed background. Both my parents come from Grenada (in the Caribbean). I am also mixed with Chinese, Indian, Scottish and Spanish descents on my mother's side.

What are the three words that describe you best?
Radiant, confident and ambitious.

What is beauty to you?
To me beauty is beyond all physiscal aspects. People often forget that perfection is only a word and not a reality and that is mainly why it is unachievable. True beauty is the energy you bring and put out there.

What inspires you?
Trying new things. I like to step outside of my comfort zone because it allows me to grow as a person and open new doors.

What are some words you live by?
"Everything happens for a reason", "What is meant for you will happen to you" and "The energy you put out in the world is what you will be returned to you".

Hips34 1/2"
Shoes8 US
Dress4 US