Kimberley V

Model - Director & Activist

Kimberley (she/her) is a proud Canadian model of Vietnamese and Chilean descent, a film director and activist. Her goal as a filmmaker is to push the boundaries of storytelling in the hopes of creating social change. She began her career working in international development, where she spent years dividing her time between North America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia working with a number of different civil society organizations that focused on empowering marginalized groups and communities. She also managed to balance a career in modeling over the last decade working in several international markets.

She is most inspired by the beauty found in the various cultures from around the world and the human experience. She sees her work in film as a form of “artistic activism” and continues to challenge herself by taking on new projects that she hopes will bring about more equality and human connection.

Kimberley V
Shoes7.5 US
Dress4 US
HairDark Brown


Kimberley V
Kimberley V
Kimberley V