Valeriia Lakhina

Lera, originally from Stakhanov, Ukraine, always dreamed of becoming an English teacher, and even had the opportunity to work at a school for over three years. However, she felt stuck in a small town and decided to move to Kiev to pursue a Master's degree in Psychology and Teaching methods. While there, Lera stumbled upon an opportunity to act in a Lemonade commercial, which sparked her interest in the entertainment industry. Over the years, Lera has continued to pursue acting and modeling, leading her to audition for and land a role in the Netflix Turkish show "Kulup". Now living in Paris, Lera is studying French and helping people from Donbas while dreaming of building a family, creating a summer camp for children with her sister, and finding her dream home in the South of France.

Valeriia Lakhina
Valeriia Lakhina
Height5' 7"
Hips34 1/2"
Shoes6 US
Dress2 US