How did you start modelling? What inspired you to work in this industry?
It was Humankind and its open-minded approach and contrast with the international industry that made me want to start modeling.

What inspires you?
Real work, projects that go beyond their commercial aspect and that want to break codes, convey a message, change things.

What is your biggest dream?
Break through internationally as a dancer, choreographer and artist.

What is beauty to you?
Beauty, for me, is passion. Someone who is passionate about something, about life and its different aspects, stands out in my eyes. Our gaze always captures the superficiality of the outside, but we can bring out the beauty that is hidden in each and everyone with the personal expression of the interior.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in the present fashion world?
Come out in full physical and mental health. I have heard so much about situations regarding the weight and size of models and the pressure that is imposed. I believe that mores are beginning to change but that a huge amount of work needs to be done by everyone in relation to this outcome. The conditions of the manufacture of the garment is equally important to mention.

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Kelly Jacob
Mauricio Ortiz
Mauricio Ortiz
Mauricio Ortiz